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Sell Your Dancewear with Tutulist:
Give your dancewear an encore performance! 

Tutulist offers users two options to sell their dancewear: D2D or via the Encore Envelope


Dancer to Dancer (DTD) 

Tutulist allows you to list and sell your items directly on the platform.  We charge a 15% listing fee (subject to a $1.50 minimum) which includes the payment processing fees.  You are responsible for posting, determining your price (and whether or not you are including or charging for shipping), and shipping the item to the buyer.  

Encore Envelope

Would you rather just send your items at once and get it over with? Great! The Encore Envelope is a great solution for you.  Simply fill out this form.  We send you a pre-paid envelope and will pay you upfront for your the items we would like to buy.  You can either donate or request the items are sent back to you (for a small fee).  With our Encore Envelope, Tutulist is doing all of the heavy lifting for you; photographing, listing, storing, marketing, selling, and shipping the items.  We also are taking extra risk buying your items up front since we have no guarantee they will sell.  With the Encore Envelope, we pay 5%-30% of the estimated resale price.   To learn more about our payout estimates take a look here.

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