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Our Mission

Our mission is to build a company that does more good.  We want to elevate new dance brands, reduce overall waste, increase accessibility to dance, make it more fun to express your dance fashion, and to donate to emerging companies and non-profit organizations. We believe this can be done by connecting dancers across the world through dance wear.  



We are creating an ecosystem to reduced waste - creating a measurable impact! 

By creating a platform to upcycle dancewear, not only are sellers reducing waste, but buyers are also doing so by purchasing gently-used.  This creates a measurable impact - both socially and environmentally. This is just one of many steps to be taken to make the danceworld more sustainable.


We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

Dancewear is just one of many barriers that can keep people from participating in the art form.  We are committed to building an inclusive community, and together, finding ways to improve access to dance.  This includes lower-cost dancewear, Tutulist's dancewear donation program, and commitment to support non-profit organizations in the dance community.

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Dance Your Style

Express yourself.

What's better than helping the dance community and planet as a responsible consumer? Looking fabulous while doing it! Tutulist makes it easy to dance your style! 

Ready to retire your dancewear or give that leotard at the back of your drawer a new life? Earn money by selling to Tutulist and let your dancewear get the encore it deserves! 

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